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    I work for a firm that receives many documents from many other firms using the MS Word package. We have noticed recently that many documents we receive from external places that they take so long to open up it feels like the document has 'hung'. Word states that it is 'Not Responding', however leave it long enough (3,4,5 minutes) and the document will eventually open up.

    On further investigation, it seems to be because the document template is stored in a location we do not have access to - perhaps on a specific users machine, or on a shared directory on a server we don't have access to. We can see the path to the template, by going to Tools, Templates and Addins - and simply changing this to be our and saving the file solves the issue.

    However, I feel that this is happening more and more often, and we must have been receiving documents based on templates we do not have access to for ever! I wonder if this relates to us recently upgrading to SP3 from SP2?

    Has anyone else come across this issue? And if so, is there a setting somewhere that can be utilised to stop the fruitless search for the document template on opening, and save me hours and hours of hanging about..

    Thanks again!


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