It's Tuesday, the second work day for our developers here in Seattle after our major software upgrade to IP.Board 3.0 and the Lounge server coming back online over the weekend.

The developers keep swatting bugs in IP.Board 3.0 so fast that it's hard for them or me to post the latest status updates fast enough! None the less, I'll try to give you a quick news update here.

1. Line breaks were broken in [code] snippets. This quirk appeared only in Internet Explorer, but of course that's an important browser. The cause was "prettyprint" syntax highlighting that was applied by IPB via JavaScript. It's fixed.

2. Links in daily digests not working. Fixed.

3. Lo-fi theme incorrectly delivered to iPhone users. Done.

4. External links formerly opened in new windows or tabs. This feature is controlled by a setting in IP.Board, which we found and flipped back to the old default we used under IPB 2.0. It's considered naughty in user-interface design to open links in new windows unless the user used the right-click menu or held down the Shift key when clicking a link. But we went back to the old behavior anyway, as requested.

5. The previous 10 comments should appear below the Full Editor. This behavior has been restored.

We still have 14 bugs and 16 feature requests left in our immediate to-do list. Many of these things defy description, much less presentation in a tidy table or the like, but believe me, we're working on it.

For the moment, let me list for you our most high-priority bugs that we'll crunch on all day tomorrow:

1. An icon in the forum view shows all comments read, but the Lobby icon does not. Once you've read all the new comments in a forum — or marked all threads as read — and refreshed the Lounge Lobby, the icon to the left of the forum name should be "greyed out," indicating that there are no new comments for you to read. This is controlled by JavaScript. If you've disabled JavaScript, please enable it for the Lounge (using NoScript in Firefox or your browser's Tools, Options settings). If you do have JavaScript enabled, you'll witness a maddening bug in IP.Board version 3.0. It even occurs on the Invision site's own discussion board. Dan submitted a bug report to Invision, providing specific steps to reproduce the bug (on their board or ours). Us hacking this behavior out of Invision's code base is out of the question, so we'll keep reminding them until we and all IPB licensees get a patch.

2. Enable a proper print style sheet. An HTML print style sheet specifies CSS styling for printouts, including font sizes and position. The default IP.Board style sheet was overriding our styles on-screen. Since way more people view Lounge threads on-screen than in a printout, the print style sheet had to be removed, but a good one will be moved into its place very soon.

3. Subscription update times do not update after reading threads. This may be a "per visit" setting that we'll have to dig into the innards of IP.Board to find and fix. IPB 3 seems to have a number of glitches related to dates and times (and time zones, etc.). So far, we've been able to work around most of these, but naturally we keep finding others to fix (like the big one three paragraphs up). We're on the case.

That's it for now. Please don't reply to this message, which is simply an announcement. Instead, if you find any additional issues to report, please start a new thread in the Suggestion Box forum, one thread for each problem. Thanks!