Hi Folks,
I have been dual booting since Windows 98.

I make a point of partitioning my hard drives so my OS is on the C drive and my data/programs/downloadz
are on a separate partition.

Yes I misspell Downloads so that any cleaning process does not remove my downloadz that I intend to save.

In the old days I used hard drive bays/enclosures to be able to swap drives after cloning drive 1 to drive 2.
I had 4 enclosures and 2 racks in my computers.

With the advent of USB hard drives I now just clone my OS from drive 1 to backup onto drive 2
(my computers have a 250gig drive 1 and a 500gig drive 2)

This computer made for Vista has Vista on the C drive (drive 1)
on the D (date named) partition I have data/programs/downloadz.

Vista is backed up via Acronis True Image to (drive 2) partition U (backup named)

Windows 7 Clean install is installed on Drive 2 (Win7 named) partition C (Win7 named)
It is backed up with Windows 7 imaging program on Drive 1 partition W (win7bu named)

I'm able to read any of my documents/photos or Downloadz files with either OS.
I'm able to install any of the programs I have in Downloadz into either OS.

Both of the OS backups are also backed up to my 1TB USB external drive with is only
plugged in to do backups.

One of the most important steps I have found is that most installation problems
occur on update installations.

I made a web page of the tech-net links to the various install options
and migration features

Mike's Win7 links

Mike the mod