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    Preventing the auto open macro from running (Wd 2K and Wd97)


    I think that I have seen the answer to this question before, but I cannot find it.

    I am creating 3 templates that can be used individually. Each template has a Dcoument_New event that shows a userform to gather information. The userform will then populate the document.

    Now here is my dilemma; I am also building a 4th, master template that will be able to open and complete some or all of the other individual templates, but I need to prevent the Dcoument_New event from running on each one.

    I thought of creating two sets of templates, one with the Document_New event and one without it, but I think it is more efficient to use one template for both purposes.

    Also, I am creating this with Word 2000 SR1 for use by Word 97SR1.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Have a good weekend.

    God Bless America!!

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    Re: Preventing the auto open macro from running (Wd 2K and Wd97)

    What about something like this in the start of the coding for the Document_New:<pre>Dim doc As Document

    For Each doc In Application.Documents
    If doc.AttachedTemplate = "" Then
    Exit Sub
    End If
    Next doc

    ' Rest of AutoOpen code</pre>

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    Re: Preventing the auto open macro from running (Wd 2K and Wd97)


    Thanks for this idea - solves a problem I had too.

    The following version casts a narrower net in that it will Exit Sub only if the most-recently opened document is based on (which will be the case when this Document_New is being triggered from code running in Document_New in Not sure if this works right in Word 97 but it seems to work well in Wd2K:

    <pre>Private Sub Document_New()
    Dim oDocs As Documents
    Set oDocs = Application.Documents
    If oDocs(oDocs.Count).AttachedTemplate = "" Then
    GoTo DocNewExit
    End If
    'rest of Document_New code can run:

    Set oDocs = Nothing
    End Sub


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