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    I know Microsoft says that you cannot do it but I have a situation where I want to display all the plants that meet certain criteria and all the sizes for each plant along with the qty remaining. I do not want to repeat all the plant info for each size.This ideally is a continuous subform inside a continuous subform. The main form sets up the filtering criteria.

    Is there any other way of achieving this kind of result?

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    You can't place a continuous subform in the detail section of a continuous subform, but you can place it in the header or footer of a continuous subform. If you link them correctly, the sub-subform will displayed the records associated with the current record in the subform.

    Another option is to place the subforms side by side in the detail section of the main form., and set the Link Master Fields property of the second subform to the appropriate control on the first subform. You have to set this manually. If you search this forum, you should find some examples.

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