It's the end of the 3rd workday after the Lounge's gigantic software upgrade. We've found bugs galore, but fortunately they're succumbing left and right to our developers' bug swatter. The following are the issues that were corrected most recently:

1. Printouts now look relatively normal. The "print style sheet" that came with our new IP.Board 3.0 software platform was overriding our carefully crafted Web-page style sheet. The short-term solution was to disable the print styles, but that made printouts look awful. That's been fixed with the insertion of a better-designed print style sheet, thanks to Admin extraordinaire Dan Engler.

2. Template for downloadable threads is now presentable. A similar issue to the one above affected the page that visitors saw after they clicked the Download link at the bottom of a thread. The resulting page just didn't look very good. Now it's much better, benefiting from the addition of more-sophisticated CSS styles.

3. Sign-out link now labeled "Sign out." After the recent software upgrade, a link in the upper-right corner of the Lounge looked a little like a similar link atop A signed-in Lounge user's name appeared in the corner of the screen, followed by "Not username? Click here". Well, some people thought that wasn't a very clearly labeled "sign out" link. Tip: there's no reason to ever sign out of the Lounge, except on a public computer that other people will use. But to clarify the purpose of the link, it's been reworded as "Not username? Sign out". That should make it clear enough!

4. Forum counts on "Your moderating team" page are now correct. When the Lounge first started using IPB 2.0 back in February 2009, the count of the forums each Moderator was covering was initially computed way incorrectly. We straightened it out back then, but we hit the same issue in IPB 3.0. That's now been fixed. We still need to restore the link to "Your moderating team" that should appear at the bottom of the Lounge Lobby page. (See Point 4 in the open-issues section below.) Until then, you can view the names each Admin and Mod and the forums they cover by clicking the following link:

Your moderating team

The following issues are our top priorities to solve in the next day or two:

1. "New comments" icons work in forum view but not the Lounge Lobby. This is an extremely irritating bug that's rooted deep in the codebase of IPB 3.0. If you view all the threads in a forum such as Spreadsheets — or you click "Mark all forums read" — the left-most icons in the forum view are greyed out to indicate there are no new comments to read. If you then visit the Lounge Lobby, however, the icons still look clickable, no matter how many times you refresh your browser. Invision Power Board has been officially notified, with several urgent follow-ups from Dan. We can't predict when IPB will give us a patch. (IPB's underlying code structure is off-limits to us, and we can't just hack away at it, as much as we'd like to.)

2. Reading all threads doesn't update the counts on the Subscription page. We believe this issue is related to the one above. Say you've just finished reading all the threads in a forum you're following. The Subscription page should now indicate that there are 0 new comments. Well, it doesn't. IPB is supposed to automatically refresh the count, but something is interfering with this. We'll keep hassling IPB for a patch.

3. Manually entered dates in Advanced Search should work. It was reported to us that the calendar clickers on the Advanced Search page work fine to select a date range. Entering two dates manually, however, was said to fail. We can't find anything wrong with this feature, though. Do an experiment for us: near the Search box, click "Advanced," then enter some recent start and end dates manually. If the search doesn't work, report to us in a new Suggestion Box thread exactly what you did that failed. If it worked OK, you don't need to tell us anything.

4. Moderating team and other footer material is coming. Items that used to appear at the bottom of the Lounge Lobby, like the users currently online and the link to "Your moderating team," broke when IPB 3 was installed. These features need to be completely rewritten in order to work under IBP 3. Fortunately, that's not expected to take more than about one day.

There are still other items on the punch list, but I'll stop there. Please don't reply to this message, which is simply an announcement. If you find a new issue that isn't already listed in a Suggestion Box thread, please start a new thread with the name of the issue in the title. Thanks for your help.