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    In version 2 we had a icon that showed threads that the user had replied to, but the current ones do not show any marking (That I can see) that indicate that I have replied to any threads.

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    I would also like to see something similar in the different forums.

    However, it is there, in some other views:

    Probably because they have something in common...
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    Brian Livingston
    We hired a designer who's created some new icons for the Lounge. I think the icons we received are more clear and obvious in their meaning than IP.Board's default ones, but you can judge that for yourself. I believe Dan has not installed the new icons, because it's more pressing to first resolve maddening icon-status problems that are due to update bugs within IPB 3 itself. We're still waiting on an official reply from Invision about a patch. I'll start contacting Invision every day myself if we don't hear something back within about 12 hours from now.

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