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    Now that we can get to the list of MOD's and a drop down for each is nice.

    But as a user looking for a MOD for a particular thread or Board, one must check each drop down listing. As we add more MOD's the list is going to get a LOT longer.

    We had at one time on each Board Area, a listing of the MOD's for that Board, so the user could see if a MOD was active at that time. This worked well with Who's on line.

    Not only that other MOD's and Admin's could see if someone else use in editing a thread, and would not try and fix a thread at the same time.

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    Agreed wholeheartedly

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    Brian Livingston
    This has been updated with a new box that we developed and inserted into the bottom of every forum page. The list shows which Mods have primary responsibility for each forum, and the list updates in real time, so hand-editing is never required.

    Please see "Fixed items in known issues Days 9–10" (Post 768294).

    Thanks for suggesting this!

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