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    I have a form with a sub form. In one circumstance - where an employee already exists - I want the sub-form display to be continuous forms; in another situation, that of inputting a new employee, I want the sub-form display mode to be single form ie the user must only be allowed to enter one record.
    I have tried to set DefaultView from VB but get an error saying it must be set in form design mode.
    I have tried setting AllowAdditions to No, but this results in not being able to input any data into the blank record which is displayed on form opening.

    Is there a way to switch display modes for this sub-form dynamically, or is the only solution to duplicate the form/subform, this time with the sub-form DefaultView set to SingleForm, and use it for the special situation of entering a new employee?


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    You cannot switch between single form view and continuous forms view.
    You could place two subforms on the main form - one set to single form, the other to continuous forms, and toggle the visibility of the subforms as needed.

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    Alternatively, you could
    just change the subform that appears in the subform Control,
    by changing the Control Source Property of the sub form control at run time.
    You would need one subform in tabular layout and one in columnar.
    This means you would not have to have 2 subforms on the main form, both being populated
    with data.
    You would need to possibly try both and see which method gave the fastest response time.

    Or you could have a subform in Columnar View and switch it between single form and datasheet view.

    See attached example that has a form that changes the subform in a control.
    It uses a button, but it could be changed by some other event.

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