Woody's Lounge underwent a major software overhaul on Oct. 30. We upgraded our underlying discussion board platform from IP.Board 2.x to 3.0, which was a huge leap. We're still finding [s]bugs[/s] challenges in the new software, but we're correcting them fast.

At the same time as the upgrade, the administrators of the board wanted to simplify things in the Lounge Lobby. Some forums that had been around for years were very thinly used. It seemed better to combine a few smaller forums into bigger groups, so the people who visited these places would see like-minded souls.

For example, Windows 95 is not very popular these days. But a few power users might want to trade tips on old machines that are still running Windows 95, 98, and Me, versions of the OS that are quite similar. So these three old forums have been combined into a new Windows 95/98/Me forum. All the old posts since February 2000 are still there in the combined forum.

Shown below are the old forums that are now part of bigger, better forums:

We also plan to make the order of some forums more logical. For instance, the Microsoft Outlook forum was somehow placed underneath the "Internet/Connectivity" category. It'll be moved soon to the "Office Applications" category, because Outlook, natch, has been a part of the MS Office suite. (Other Microsoft-developed e-mail clients, such as Outlook Express and Windows Mail, belong together, too.)

The Outlook move — and many other changes we're working on — will be made just as soon as our hands stop cramping up from all the creepy-crawlies we've been swatting!

Thanks for your patience as we upgrade and fix everything we can. Please don't reply to this post, which is only an announcement. If you find a problem, start a new thread in the Suggestion Box forum to let us know.