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Thread: dll not found

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    I have write a code refering Outlook reference in Office 2007.
    But when i use the same application on Excel 2003 the code go in error...
    In effect in the reference window of Excel Vba 2003 i have "manca Outlook 12" (not found Outlok 12).
    When i set the otlook 11 all work fine...
    How to skip this error???
    Is possible to autoconfigue the dll of Outlook on ech machine with different version of Office?????

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    One solution is to edit the workbook and to set the reference in the oldest version of MS Office that you want to support. For example, if you have some users that have Office 2000, edit the workbook in Excel 2000 and set a reference to the Microsoft Outlook 9.0 Object Library. Then save the workbook.
    If users with a newer version of MS Office open the workbook, the reference will be updated automatically.

    Another option is to use late binding instead of early binding. You won't need a reference to the Microsoft Office n.0 Object Library. See Cant perform requested operation.

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