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    More and more, I'm finding that I need to compensate and find a work-around when I have to work with foreign PDF's with form fields.

    I'm just curious is there enough discussion and curiosity about the subject to launch a new forum discussion group?

    This forum seems pretty positive when it comes to integrating products.

    I'm surfing the web about it, and there just isn't much discussion about it. Seems that adobe just wants customers to purchase their 10,000$$$$$ blind bling $$$ liveCycle product that pretty much runs a bunch of javascript to help with integration, and even that product is somewhat limited.

    Can we get the ball rolling? who's with me?

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    We discuss Adobe products in our Other Applications forum. If you have specific questions then please post them there, but you will need to be much more specific about what issues you have, and try to refrain from making negative comments about any vendor.

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    Hi DaveWP

    The Lounge has been around for a number of years in various guises where various discussions about PDF printing and design have taken place. I am unsure what the new owners have planned for further forums but if you want to ask questions or get involved in discussions about this product why don't you post in "Other Applications" I am sure there will be some like minded Loungers willing to discuss it just be aware of Rule 11 if you have strong views about specific companies.

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