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    I'm importing xml data from an outside source with one of it's fields populated with a epoch time string. Here is an exmple from one record: 1257112190000. The field is labeled "time". I found a epoch time converter on the internet and that time string converts to 11/10/09 2:14:39. I have searched all over the place for some clues on how to make this conversion in Access without any success. Am hoping that someome here could help me with this or point me in the right direction.
    The data is being provided to a group of virtual pilots - I'm one of them - who use Mircosofts Flight Simuator programs as a hobby.



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    Let's say the field is named Epoch.
    Create a query based on the table, and add a calculated column:

    TheDate: DateSerial(1970,1,1)+[Epoch]/86400000

    Set the Format property of this calculated column to a date/time format. (You can enter one manually if the dropdown list doesn't offer them)

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