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    Country code phone numbers (98)

    Hi All

    I got a new mobile phone and synchronised it with outlook contacts (great feature) but all the numbers over 350 of them have +44 (country code) at the start.
    The phone is company supplied and barred from dialling any country code.
    My question is there a utility I can use to take the +44 from all of my outlook contacts and then re-sync the phone. I have tried contact scrubber
    and remove country

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    Re: Country code phone numbers (98)

    Hi, maybe I have part of the answer...

    Can this be done in Excel? (I'm not an Excel user). However, if search-and-replace works in Excel like it does in MS Word, then export your contact folder (File|Export, choose Excel format) and you will have an Excel version of your entire contacts list with one column per data field. Having fixed the +44 problem (replace "+44 " with nothing) then Import the resulting Excel file to Outlook. At one point in the Import sequence there is a radio button selection which allows you to ignore or overwrite or allow duplicate entries. Select overwrite, of course. (Also, of course, you will have previously copied your entire .pst file to another directory in case the whole exercise goes wrong.)

    By the way, I can live without my e-mail copies, but I can't live without my Contacts, so I export the contacts list very regularly to an Excel file and keep it as a back up. This is because my .pst file is well ovre 10 Mb.

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