Nov. 5, 2009, was workday 4 after the Lounge came back online over the weekend after a major software upgrade from IP.Board 2.x to 3.0. So many bugs here and there have been getting fixed that it's been hard for me to catch up.

The following are the holes that admins Dan Engler or Tony Johnston or I closed on Day 4:

1. "Snapback" icon was missing from some posts. This appeared to be a string replacement that didn't always work in every case during the upgrade. We hand-edited the strings, so they should now be consistent.

2. Link to "active posts" page. This link wasn't present after the upgrade to IPB 3. Now it's back.

3. List of online users. The Lounge Lobby once again shows which Members are online, and threads once again show which Members are currently viewing the thread. This functionality was temporarily lost in the upgrade. (The status area at the bottom of a thread, however, still says, "2 users are reading this topic," when it should say "this thread." Tracking down and fixing every place someone at Invision labeled every thread a "topic" is on our to-do list, but text issues such as this are waiting in line behind more serious code problems that must be fixed first.)

4. "Advanced" search link is now right-clickable. The link to Advanced Search in the upper-right corner of most pages had been implemented as a button, which is not a kind of object that's right-clickable. We changed it into a link, so you can right-click it to open Advanced Search in a new tab or window, for example. If you don't like right-clicking, Ctrl+Click opens a link in a new tab, and Shift+Click opens it in a new window.

5. Button relabeled "Upload." A button labeled "Attach this file" in the editor should really have said "Upload," people thought. Yep, "Upload" is shorter and clearer. Done.

6. Better list-building functionality. In Firefox 3, for some reason, formatting paragraphs as a bulleted list worked only intermittently. Our fix seems to have corrected this.

We're still working on a set of approximately 30 known issues, some small ones that can be corrected in a matter of days, others that involve code problems deep within IP.Board. The most serious issue is that the icons in the Lounge Lobby that mean "new posts" aren't always updated properly to "no new posts" (greyed out) after you've read all the new content in a forum. The icons do show the correct state in the forum view, just not in the Lobby.

We've found a workaround: at the top of a forum view, such as Spreadsheets, click "Mark all threads read." This makes all the icons in that forum switch to "no new posts." It also makes the icon for the Spreadsheets forum correctly reflect "no new posts" in the Lounge Lobby.

We've filed notices with Invision and have been promised a patch release at some point in the future. We'll keep you informed.

To check out issues that were fixed on previous workdays, see:

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Please don't reply to this post, which is just an announcement. If you see a new issue, start a thread in the Suggestion Box forum. Thanks!