As of Friday — five workdays after our major software upgrade from IP.Board 2.x to 3.0 — we've tweaked even more things before going home for a weekend respite. Shown below are bugs and features that were handled on Nov. 6, 2009:

1. Links in the footer now open in a new tab. Done.

2. "Delete my cookies" link is fixed. This link somehow resolved to a nonworking URL, but this is now fixed.

3. "Delete my cookies" moved to a location less easily clicked in error. We repositioned this link to the bottom of the Lobby, at the end of the line containing a link to "Privacy policy" (and who ever reads those?). There's no real privacy reason for anyone to ever delete cookies set by the Lounge. We use only first-party cookies, not the third-party cookies that allow online ad agencies to monitor one's visits across a variety of sites. But some people are paranoid and like to delete first-party cookies, not understanding them. Deleting our first-party cookies eliminates the "new posts" and "no new posts" status of icons on the Lobby and forum pages until people sign in. But if people want to eliminate our first-party cookies, they can. We just don't them to do so accidentally.

4. Tooltip for an internal link was "External link." The list of IPB doc errors is legion. Sheesh.

5. Posts are now called "posts," not "comments." Besides referring to threads as "topics," some developer at Invision made the user interface refer to posts as "comments." As we understand it, there are comments within people's Profiles and other places, but an initial post and every reply to that post is a "post." Yes, the text within every post is someone's comment on something or other, but we were asked to make this terminology consistent, so we did.

6. No more error when viewing active users. Fixing this error required a change in the IPB configuration. Done.

7. Icon for .png attachments fixed. The icon looked like it was missing or broken. Now it's fixed.

8. Count of views in Profiles not being updated correctly. This problem appears to be broken functionality in the Invision software itself, which we can't perform surgery on. We removed the inaccurate count from the page, and we've complained to Invision.

We still are awaiting a resolution on several problems within IPB, such as the "no new posts" state on icons on the Lounge Lobby page not automatically updating. For a workaround that fixes this issue for you manually, see the discussion at the end of Day 4, which is linked to below.

To check out other issues that were fixed on previous workdays, see:

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Please don't reply to this post, which is just an announcement. If you see a new issue, start a thread in the Suggestion Box forum. Thanks!