Nov. 9, 2009, was the 6th working day for us after the conversion of the Lounge from our IP.Board version 2.x software to version 3.0. We still have a couple of dozen open issues that we've found after the upgrade, but they're going down fast. Here are the ones that were handled on Day 6:

1. Increased size of View Profile icon. This icon was teeny-weeny before. Now it's better.

2. Leading zeros no longer a problem on hours and days. It was irritating to see "01 November" and "03:05 pm" and the like, which just made dates and times longer and harder to read. This was controlled by an IPB configuration, which we had to find and fix. Leading zeros in these areas should no longer trouble you, so now it's "1 November" and "3:05 pm" and so forth. (Of course, we had to make sure not to eliminate leading zeros that are necessary, or you'd see times like 3:5 pm.) We're still working on problems relating to relative time and the fact that the "no new posts" icons in the Lounge Lobby are not being updated properly by IP.Board. The latter issue, unfortunately, will require a patch from Invision itself. (Such a patch has been promised by the company as version 3.0.5, up from the current 3.0.4.) At least we no longer have to wade through confusing leading zeros in those dates that are visible.

3. Password-recovery text fixed. It's often important for our Members to re-establish their passwords, and the message for this feature was weird. It should be better now. There are hundreds of such strings in IPB 3 for us to comb through, including the daily and weekly digests, which are on our to-do lists.

4. Sign-in area now says "Members: Sign in." This line in the upper-left corner used to say "Subscriber," but we found it in every location and changed it to "Members," which is what registered users of the Lounge actually call themselves.

5. Question on rich-text editor in Opera 10.10 beta. It was reported that the reply feature wasn't working well in the beta version of the Opera browser. We can't find any problem, and no one has documented it anywhere, so we think it may have been a one-time glitch. If anyone can provide evidence of a problem, and it's not already some known issue to the Opera beta team, post a thread in the Suggestion Box.

The issues that still bedevil us include the ones that were outlined in the previous known-issues reports, which are linked to at the bottom of this post. As stated before, only Invision can provide patches to the internals of IPB that will resolve some of these. We can't perform surgery on Invision's proprietary code base.

Some feature requests that we're working on are as follows:

1. Wider page widths. The board can't support unlimited page widths, since some user-interface features fall apart at extremely wide sizes, and text becomes unreadable above a certain width, anyway. But we're looking into the maximum widths that would be practical. We're also considering the use of the Verdana font as an alternative to MS Arial. People can scale Verdana down to a smaller size than Arial while still keeping it legible (for those who want the absolute maximum number of words on-screen above the fold).

2. Move the MS Outlook forum and related products. In the consolidation of little-used forums that occurred during the upgrade planning process, Microsoft Outlook was placed in the Internet/Connectivity category. It should be moved instead to the Office Applications category. Related e-mail software produced by Microsoft, such as Outlook Express and Windows Mail, should probably go there, too. We don't want to confuse our Members into posting Microsoft-mail questions in random forums.

3. Clearer icons. Many of the default IPB icons, frankly, are hard to figure out. We've hired an icon designer, and we hope to implement icons throughout the Lounge with more obvious meanings soon.

To check out issues that were fixed on previous workdays, see:

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Please don't reply to this post, which is just an announcement. If you see a new issue, start a thread in the Suggestion Box forum. Thanks!