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Thread: NAS not working

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    I already posted this in networking but thought this might be a better place for it... sorry for duplicating

    I've installed Windows 7 Home Prem, it's nice I must say, but have run into my 1st problem.... I cannot access a NAS that is attached to my network we use for backup.

    I have configured the correct workgroup in network and have that and Homegroups working great, except every time that I try to connect to the NAS I get an error 1208.

    Any help? An answer I just found on google said W7 home prem can't use Nas any one else hear this? If so any solutions?

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    I'm assuming your other post will be deleted, so I'm replying here.

    You don't say what type of NAS you have got, but assuming that it runs Samba (as Buffalo NASes, for example, do) then see whether the suggestion in this post does anything for you...

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