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    We have a lot of templates that we use to generate standard letters and so forth, and to add additional menus to Word.

    Some users have been upgraded to Word 2007, the rest use Word 2003.

    I now have considerable experience with Word 2003, and with templates.

    The templates are saved on a server folder ("O:\TEMPL"), with each user having a subfolder for private templates and their own, and there's a "O:\TEMPL\WorkgroupTemplates" folder (with a subfolder for boilerplate documents). I've attached a couple of the template documents in case anybody's interested. [Edit - I haven't, as when I tried to upload a template I got a message reading "Error You aren't permitted to upload this kind of file".]

    Some users were recently given new computers - with Word 2007 installed.

    Now, I can easily set people up to use the templates in Word 2003, but alt-t, o, f (tools menu, options, file locations) doesn't appear to work in Word 2007, and I don't know how to find the equivalent in Word 2007; and I'm a bit anxious that if I set up one of the Word 2007 users to use the templates, the templates will be converted to Word 2007 format and become unusable by the rest of us...

    I'm sure this can't be an unusual situation.

    I should be very grateful if somebody could point me to some useful resources explaining what I should do in this situation (even if it's only to get on to our IT department and instruct them that we all have to use the same system - and that until and unless they can help us to convert and bugfix out templates, this must remain Word 2003).

    Best wishes,

    Peter English.

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    To set the path for user templates and workgroup templates in Word 2007:

    • Click the big Office button.
    • Click Word Options.
    • Click Advanced in the left hand pane.
    • Scroll down to the General section.
    • Click "File Locations..."
    Word 2007 can work with Word 97-2003 templates (.dot) without conversion, it will not automatically convert them to Word 2007 templates (.dotx or .dotm).

    BTW, you can attach Word documents directly to a post here, but not Word templates. If you want to attach a template, zip it and attach the .zip file.

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    The easiest way to upload a .DOT file to the lounge is to zip it first.

    In Word 2007 you can change file locations from Office Button > Word Options > Advanced > File Locations
    The only way I can see to get to this dialog box from the keyboard is...
    Alt-T O A Alt-F Alt-F Alt-F Alt-F Alt-F Alt-F <Enter>
    (or Alt-F I A Alt-F Alt-F Alt-F Alt-F Alt-F Alt-F <Enter>)

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