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    I have MS Web Expression 2 . I have an image on display 100x60pix
    I have the same image as a larger blowup 300x100pix

    I want my viewers to click on a line of text saying " click to view enlargement"
    and the larger image appears in a small popup window.

    How can I do this.


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    If it's okay to have the pop-up be the same size as the window the user is viewing, you can use a standard HTML link with a target attribute indicating a new window:

    If it is important that the pop-up window be a certain size, you would use the JavaScript function.

    Another option is to use a "Lightbox-like" script library to display the larger image "in front of" your page. Here's an example, which uses JQuery and Slimbox: Photos from Kasma's First Week Intensive 2009. Note that I modified the Slimbox script to add the little links below the image so visitors could download the larger-sized photos (otherwise, it is extremely difficult).

    Note: I don't use ExpressionWeb, so I don't know how you would integrate the above into your page. Hopefully someone else can help with that.

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