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    asp related question

    i'd like to know that i'm approaching my new asp site correctly. it will contain book review information.

    main menu will have a combo box A-Z.

    -user will select a letter from comboBox & press a goButton.
    -store comboBox value in a tempVar (a session variable perhaps?)
    -onClickEvent of button will open reviews.asp
    -reviews.asp should display results based upon the tempVar, so if a user chose 'D' then pressing goButton will open reviews.asp with only titles starting with 'D'

    am i on the line here?

    my problem is not knowing how to capture the combo box control value and apply it so that reviews.asp will show the correct results.

    i'm also not sure on how or where to store that control value. i'm assuming a session variable is to be used here.

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    Re: asp related question

    Use an HTML form and a regular submit button with the action URL=your ASP page and method=POST.

    Let's suppose your combo box field looks something like this:

    <SELECT name="LETTER" size="1">
    <OPTION value="1">A</OPTION>
    <OPTION value="2">B</OPTION>
    <OPTION value="3">C</OPTION>

    In your ASP page, you access this field as follows:

    varMyVar = Request("LETTER")

    However, how to apply it depends on how you are storing your data. If it is in 26 separate pages, then you could use an intermediate ASP page to load the others (I think this is possible, but maybe using JavaScript in the original page would be easier?). If you are using a database, then the varMyVar would go into the database query.

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