Nov. 10, 2009, was our 7th workday after the huge software upgrade that was finally completed on Oct. 30. We've fixed yet more bugs that we found after we upgraded from IP.Board 2.x to 3.0. Ones we consider gone for good as of Day 7 are as follows:

1. Time zone now correct in Subscriptions and Messenger pages. It requires constant attention on our part to make sure that the IPB code underlying the Lounge shows times of day as you've configured your home time zone. There are a remarkable number of places where we needed to tweak settings to make this consistent. Times should now be displayed as your local time (not Greenwich Mean Time or some random time zone) on the pages used for subscriptions, messages, and some other spots.

2. Filter buttons work on Members' pages. The Filter buttons should now be visible, as they oughta be. If not, please start a new thread in the Suggestion Box forum to let us know.

3. You can now see the number of views of a thread as well as replies. The old IPB 2.x software showed two columns: one for the number of replies that each thread had received and a separate column for the number of page views. In IPB 3, only the Replies column appeared. We've added a Views column to each forum page (for example, the Spreadsheets forum). This can help you see at a glance which threads are getting the most interest from other people.

4. "Mark all forums read" link was made visible on New Posts page. This link allows you to reset the "new posts" state. The link appears once again at the bottom of the New Posts page. It always appeared on other pages, such as the Lounge Lobby. The visibility problem on the New Posts page was a "style" issue. The link was blue on a blue background. Duh.

5. New icon for browser address bars. Our lizard mascot has crept into the browser address bar, as a 16x16-pixel icon (technically known as Favicon.ico). If you drag this icon from the address bar and drop it on your browser's Favorites toolbar, it makes a shortcut, and our lizard friend will be there to remind you where the link takes you if clicked.

6. Width of layout now supports wider screens. We can't make the Lounge pages unlimited in width, but we did rewrite the code so the content fits "fluidly" on screens from 800 pixels wide all the way up to 1280 pixels. The wider width may actually break some pages' designs. For example, some Lounge pages are now too wide to fit on a portrait-mode, printed page when "100%" is selected as the print size. (Until we correct this, select Scale to fit in the Page Setup or Print Preview dialogs of your browser.) Less than 1% of visitors use screens wider than 1280 pixels, according to stats by, so the column width should now accommodate virtually everyone. Any wider than that and you can no longer follow the text of a post on-screen, anyway.

7. No views count in Members list. As requested, some data about page views was deleted from a Members page.

8. Titles of threads are no longer displayed twice. Weeks ago, we implemented a "breadcrumb" trail at the top of Lounge pages. This trail is a clickable list of the directories above the one you're currently in. With one click, you can easily jump back to a thread's forum, the Lounge Lobby, or other levels. IPB was duplicating the title of a thread in the breadcrumb trail, even though the title was displayed in a large, bold font immediately below. The final level of the trail now simply says "Thread" to clearly tell you what directory level you're in.

As before, we are still awaiting a major patch (or batch of patches) from Invision Power Board. The most serious bug that needs patching is that the "new posts" icons on each forum page update in real time, but the icons on the Lounge Lobby page do not. The inability to see which forums do and do not have new posts is irritating. Invision has rated this issue "Critical" for its next patch release, and hopefully this will only be days away.

We're working hard on several other bugs and features that Loungers have requested. Some of the tip-top issues on our list are:

1. Add list of Moderators to each forum. This will allow Loungers to see which Mods are primarily covering each of our different forums.

2. Place "Manage Friends" link on the page. This link didn't make it through the upgrade process, but will soon make a comeback.

3. Remove broken formatting from Rules. Our rules page uses some old HTML, but this should be easy to edit.

4. Links without protocol appended to URL. Some aspect of Invision code is adding unwanted text to links that are created. We'll explain how this was resolved in our Day 8 report.

5. Edit the wordings used for ranks. We're expecting a big increase in the number of new Loungers soon, so we plan to revise the "ranks" that are displayed under recently registered folks' names. (Who wants to be labeled a "Lurker", for example? Even if they are one.)

To check out issues that were fixed on previous workdays, see:

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Please don't reply to this post, which is just an announcement. If you see a new issue, start a thread in the Suggestion Box forum. Thanks!