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    how to skip command delete table (Access 2000)

    How to skip command Delete Table if the table doesnt exist

    I have a code like this:

    DoCmd.deleteobject acTable, "tblClients"

    However if the table doesnt exist.which may also be the case,then the code stops and i receive the message that the table doesnt exist.My question is can i have the above delete command execute only whenthere is a table tblClients,but not to stop if the table is not available.

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    Re: how to skip command delete table (Access 2000)

    You need to put in some sort of error handling. At a minimum, you could put a line of code immediately before your Docmd that looks like this:

    On error resume next

    Or, instead of Resume, you can GOTO an error handler function which checks the err.num for specific errors, and then responds appropriately.
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