Two major irritations that we found in IP.Board 3.0 (which we upgraded the Lounge to on Oct. 30) were dealt with on Nov. 12 and 13, which are workdays 9 and 10 after the conversion. Instead of creating separate known-issue pages for each day, it was best for me to combine these subjects into this one post. These two days also involved a lot of testing and retesting fixes that had previously been confirmed, but we wanted to make absolutely sure. Anyway, the issues handled on Days 910 are:

1. List of Moderators is now on each forum page. Look at the bottom of a forum view, such as Databases or Windows 7. Developer Dan Engler coded up a box that displays which Mods have primary responsibility for each forum. Best of all, this list updates in real time as Mods are added for more coverage or new forums are added in the future. See the genesis of this issue in Post 768041.

2. Display of "newest member" near the bottom of the Lounge Lobby. It's been reported that the Lounge Statistics box might be displaying a newest member who isn't really the newest one. We contacted the developers at Invision Power Board. They said this string is a cached value, and that IPB forces it to be refreshed on a daily basis. Well, at least now we know that it won't show the non-latest member for more than a day. Since we've been advised of this, we may be able to code around it, refreshing the string on every page view or something like that.

The open issues that I described in the known issues for Day 8 (linked to below) are still open. We'll get to those first thing on Monday (although it may or may not be possible to fix them definitively in just one day).

Thanks for your support, and thanks again for reporting each of the big and small weirdnesses that the conversion process to IPB 3.0 revealed.

To check out issues that were fixed on previous workdays, see:

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Please don't reply to this post, which is just an announcement. If you see a new issue, start a thread in the Suggestion Box forum. Thanks!