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    It probably depends on user's individual MO, but I find the navigation links at the bottom of each thread unnecessarily small targets, and not to say confusing:


    Previous and next (to me) would depend on the order I was browsing - i.e. going up or down the list of posts. I've tried it a few times and still get confused. And it isn't helped when I find they are not taking you up and down the list as shown, but chronologically, which can mean you could jump to a sticky post and back to the list, depending on when it was posted....

    Could the arrows be replaced with logical direction ones for those who use these links? e.g. up and down arrows, or preferably nice big buttons like the 'Add Reply' and 'Start New Thread' ones.

    ( When following new posts in a forum, I actually don't use them - I find it much more convenient to use the back button so I can click on the next link to the next new post of the next/previous thread.)
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