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    Following up on my post to Hans in, I have read all the posts and threads in these forums and the message doesn't go away. What am I missing? I've also tried clicking "mark all as read" but still the message appears.

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    At the moment, and we had this with IPB ver. 2 as well, as you know, I don't think the "new replies since your last visit" work at all (counting your own posts etc. etc.).

    The only thing that works with that one (followed forums) is the "Last Post" and "By Member", as far as I know.

    It's been mentioned before, somewhere here in the Suggestion box. I.e. in the individual forums the icons do work, showing if read or not, but the connection to Manage followed forums (Your followed items) ... well, sad for those relying on that one. (And it seems like there are problems with the forum icons in the Lounge Lobby (main index) as well, but I don't have a problem with that myself, since I don't use those icons to tell me if anything is unread in a forum. (There are an awful lot of old posts that should rest in peace. Then I can also search and know if I have looked at it earlier.))

    Some example threads:
    [topic=767798]Updating Managed Forums[/topic]
    [topic=767853]Unread Posts[/topic]

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    This is basically the same problem - the software doesn't keep track of unread posts correctly.

    This makes "Followed forums" unusable for me at the moment; hopefully there'll be a fox soon.

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