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    A big change is coming on Nov. 18 that should provide improvements for the Lounge and better stuff for you. Here's the lowdown:

    1. The domain is moving to

    Yep, Woody's Lounge is joining with the Windows Secrets Newsletter, a weekly e-mail publication I've been contributing to since 2004. The new domain name is longer, but we'll also announce a new "tiny URL" you can use after Nov. 18 in Twitter and other places. Check the Lounge after the switchover to learn more.

    2. Woody's Lounge will be called the Windows Secrets Lounge after Nov. 18

    It's been a helluva ride for 15 years, but I'm finally ready for this place to grow without my name on it. The editorial director of Windows Secrets, Brian Livingston (the co-author of 11 "Windows Secrets" books), will be in charge from now on, and I know he'll take the Lounge to new heights.

    3. All your browser bookmarks and blog links will still work

    Any link to will automatically redirect after Nov. 18 to the new URL. You won't have to change anything — all of the old Web addresses will still work for years to come.

    4. We'll get a lot of new members from the Windows Secrets subscriber base between Nov. 23 and Dec. 9

    The WS newsletter currently has more than 400,000 opt-in subscribers. Not all of them will become Lounge members, but I'd bet a buck that at least 10% of them will. We could get 40,000 or more new members in short order. That means the Lounge may triple its membership, to 60,000 or so from 20,000 today. The newsletter subscribers will be notified in phases over the next three weeks. Soon, you'll start seeing great new posts from some of the experts in Windows Secrets' famously high-tech readership (please be nice to the newcomers).

    5. We're adding new Moderators and Admins to cope with the growth

    Some long-time Loungers are going to be promoted to Moderators soon, so there'll always be someone looking out for the place. Plus the Windows Secrets staff is dedicating six full-time employees as Administrators for the first phase. We're also planning to add more Admins and Mods from around the world after we see how the flow of new members is working out.

    6. All Loungers will be entitled to a complimentary paid subscription to Windows Secrets

    I've been working with Brian, da boss of Windows Secrets, for more than 12 months to upgrade the Lounge and bring in a wave of new members. Brian engineered a faster Web server for us in January and a site redesign in October, but I asked him for more. Here's what he's giving you as a Lounge-warming present:

    • All Loungers with valid e-mail addresses on file at 5 p.m. New York time on Tue., Nov. 17, will receive a link to get the paid version of the Windows Secrets Newsletter for a full six months at no cost.

    Be sure to check now that the e-mail address in your Lounge Settings is up to date. To do so, click Settings on the Lounge main menu and then select the Change e-mail address tab. Or use the following link:

    Settings Change e-mail address

    Windows Secrets is a respected, permission-based publication, and it respects your privacy. Your e-mail address will not be added to the WS subscription list unless you request it. When you receive the offer via e-mail, simply click the link you'll see there and you'll get all of the paid content for free. Thanks, Brian!

    I think you'll like the Windows Secrets Newsletter. And I know I'm lovin' the new Lounge.

    The best is yet to come — keep on posting.

    This message is just a read-only announcement, but if you have questions or comments, please start a new thread in the Suggestion Box forum. Thanks!

    For Dummies book author, Senior Contributing Editor for InfoWorld, and long-suffering Windows victim. Check out the latest at

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    Brian Livingston
    It's been great working with Woody on the Lounge upgrades. I know it's going to be even better when the existing Lounge registered members can take advantage of the added expertise of Windows Secrets Newsletter subscribers joining the community.

    Our newsletter readers include some of the sharpest tech minds you'll ever meet. We have subscribers in almost every country of the world. The map below (using the Google Maps API) shows a green dot for every mail server that responded when we sent out our last batch of content:


    These folks can only make the Lounge content richer. For example, we're all wondering whether Windows 7 will really turn out to be better than the operating systems that came before. Well, the newsletter subscribers are going to be torture-testing the new OS along with the rest of us. I expect the Lounge to be their favorite discussion board to post the findings of their experiments.

    Woody and I will have more news to come. Watch this space for new stuff that we don't quite have running yet. We'll do everything we can to make it the biggest and best Lounge ever.
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