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    Does anyone know of a program to store and manage smileys for placing in emails or web posts? I have an old (and now defunct) program called SmileyPad (see attached) which lets me maintain and use a locally stored library of smileys. It's a nice program but the only way it will work in Windows 7 is to completely turn off the UAC which I don't want to do. (How to Disable and Turn Off UAC in Windows 7)

    The "failure" of the program started back with Vista and, of course, it still doesn't work in Windows 7. I have some info that the failure started when MS patched Vista in some way to "protect" the clipboard from 3rd party software and that seems to have carried forward to Win 7. I've run it as Administrator and in XP Compatibility mode with no luck. It has also been recommended that I try "fixing" Smiley Pad with Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit and, Wow!, it's far too complicated for me.

    I've done a lot of Googling and can't find anything like it. I'm also NERVOUS about some stuff you see about smileys because of malware infection which I don't want to chance.


    Since I'm now in XP, here's an example of the "special" kinds of smileys other than the little yellow faces: . . .
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