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    Is there any way to search for (and replace) text that has a paragraph style and a character style on it, e.g. a "Heading 1" with "Emphasis"?

    I can search for the characteristics of Emphasis on top of Heading 1, or vice versa, but I can't find a way to serach for both. The Style prop of the Find object only lets you keep one, and the Style prop of the ParagraphFormat prop won't let you examine or change it (tsk tsk -- it shouldn't be there then).

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    I don't think you can do this with a single find/replace. You could search for a paragraph style, then within the range where it is found, search for a character style and perform a replacement.
    Then continue beyond the range where the paragraph style was found.

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    Here's another possible strategy:

    You could start with a global "find" of Emphasis style (place no characters or spaces in the "find" box - it's to be empty), the "replace" being just a different font color, let's say blue (again, no characters or spaces in the "replace" box). You will not lose the Emphasis style, but all text having Emphasis style applied will now also be hard-formatted to blue.

    Then you could search for "Style: Heading 1, Font color: Blue" and replace per your plan.

    And then another quick global to undo the blue -- "Font color: Blue" replaced with (for instance) "Font color: Auto".


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