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    Joining 3 sheets into one

    I am using Excel 2k. I have 4 spread sheets. All have the same column headings, like Name, Jan, Feb, etc. I would like to link each row to a main sheet, so that when a change is made on one sheet it changes the main sheet. I use = select the row, then Enter. But only the name appears, nothing else. My work around was to hyperlink the name column. But I would rather have all of the info. How do I make this work? Many thanks.

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    Re: Joining 3 sheets into one

    You have the following alternatives:

    a) Link each cell to its parent cell

    Use Insert|Name|Define (or Ctrl+F3) to name each _parent_ colum headers. Then simply write =MyName in the appropriate cells. Be aware that copying ranges with formulas using names accross worksheets and especially workbooks are tricky as Excel 97 has introduced automatisms which can be utterly annoying (if you see detect them) to dangerous (if you do not)

    c) If actually all you want is to see the titles, put all on one sheet and use this features:
    - For editing/viewing, put cell cursor below the leftmost title and apply Window|FreezePanes
    - For printing: File|PageSetup|Sheet: "Rows to repeat on top"

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