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    When you're entering advanced search criteria, the "breadcrumb trail" below the Windows Secrets tab bar duly shows you're at Advanced search:


    But if clicking "Search the Lounge" doesn't return any results, the breadcrumb trail erroneously shows you're at the Lounge Lobby, so you can't use the breadcrumb trail to go back:


    It is of course possible to click on Lobby in the WS tab bar, so this is by no means a serious problem, but it looks a bit strange.
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    Brian Livingston
    That is most unusual. The end of the breadcrumb trail, of course, should say "Search Results Page" or something like that. I believe IP Board's default skin for that page neglects to include the current page on the end of the BCT, so the trail ends with Lounge Lobby, which of course is not correct.

    The search-results page comes with IPB 3 and is not one that our developers have developed the new "blue and orange" skin for. But we should we able to alter the default skin without having to write a whole new skin from scratch (which, believe me, is on the to-do list).

    This errant BCT behavior will get a high priority on our list and won't wait for the development of the new skin. Thanks for reporting this.

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