Days 11 through 15 (Nov. 1620, 2009) were such busy blurs that no one could make a list each day of the things we fixed. The Lounge permanently moved on Nov. 19 from the old domain name to, which required a great deal of preparation. The other items that were settled, mostly in the days preceding the domain name switch were:

1. Added Moderator info pop-up buttons. These icons appear after the names of the Moderators of each forum at the bottom of the forum view.

2. Increased size of date and time in posts. The date and time were formerly a grey color and appeared in small text at the beginning of each post. As requested, the timestamp now appears in boldface in the title bar, which makes it more prominent and easier to find.

3. Forum names and groupings improved. The Microsoft Outlook forum and the Non-Outlook E-mail forum moved from the Internet/Connectivity category to the Office Applications category. There had been reports that members could not find the Outlook forum, and hopefully that situation will improve. Also, "Graphics Applications" was clarified to say "Graphics/Multimedia" to include audio/video. The Non-Outlook forum was formerly called "Third-party E-mail," but calling it third-party was confusing, because Outlook Express and Windows Mail (both of which are Microsoft products) fit into the forum. If someone wants to volunteer to move all of the OE and Windows Mail threads into another forum, we could have a "Microsoft E-mail" forum and a "Third-party E-mail" forum, which would be easier to understand.

4. Moved "Today's active posts" link. This link was moved from the footer a more prominent position in the Lounge Lobby stats box.

5. Removed autocorrect conflicts from emoticons. Some key combinations, such as B) in vernacular lists, were being changed into emoticons. In response to requests, a few autocorrect phrases were changed so that all require colons on both ends of the phrase (as most such combinations already did). See Post 768410 for details.

6. Restore proportional font in reply text area. In IP.Board 2, reply text input areas used the same font as would be used when the reply was posted, which made sense. IP.Board 3 defaulted to Courier. This required a CSS change to correct. I don't believe we've yet found all the places where this change should be applied. For example, editing a reply once it's been posted seems to revert to the ugly monospaced font. We'll find 'em and fix 'em soon.

7. Use full PM editor for personal messages. The PM editor usually supports features such as CC'ing members other than the main addressee of a PM. However, the PM links in a user profile and the user info box opened a mini-PM editor, which had no way to switch to the full editor. Dan disabled the mini-PM editor, since the full editor is no harder to use and does support the features people want.

8. Provided help on search syntax. Invision provides a default search engine that is quite weak. Among other things, it treats a series of words in a query string as though the words had an OR operator in between them. Google and every other modern search engine defaults to AND. (Google doesn't even have an AND operator as a result.) We added some help text at the top of the Advanced Search page, pointing out that the Invision search engine requires a plus sign (+) in front of every word. This isn't much of a solution, so the Seattle developers have committed to installing the open-source Sphinx search engine by early December. See Post 767945 for details.

The outright bugs in IP.Board version 3.0.4 on our list that were within our power to fix have now all been settled. The exceptions are items that require us to install Invision's much-sought .5 patch. This patch should fix several seemingly related issues, including the inconsistent updating of "new posts" states. These issues include:

1. All posts in a forum are marked as read, but the Lounge Lobby icon fails to reflect this.
2. Subscription counts of unread posts do not reflect the actual counts.
3. Time stamps in the Updated column on the New Content page are lagging.
4. In IE 8, the "other styles" functionality in the full editor is broken.

There are many other known issues and feature requests that are on our radar. Now that the domain name switch is completed and Dan's project has ended, we won't have daily posts on fixed items. Instead, we plan to switch to weekly and monthly Road Maps. The current status will be posted in the next day or two.

The developer team in Seattle consists of myself, Tony Johnston, and Kurt Naber. Former Admin Damian Wadley, who worked for us last summer, is working in the Seattle office this week on a break from the last year of his degree program. Damian won't be checking in on the Lounge much this week, as he's working on overall known issues. But he'll return full-time in May 2010.

To check out issues that were fixed on previous workdays, see:

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Please don't reply to this post, which is just an announcement. If you see a new issue, start a thread in the Suggestion Box forum. Thanks!