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    I just received the notice about the Lounge moving to the Windows Secrets web site and the free paid subscription to the Windows Secrets newsletter. I am already a paid subscriber to the Windows Secrets newsletter. When I tried to do the Opt In to get the 6 months extension to my paid subscription I changed the email address shown on that Opt In page to match the address I use for the newsletter (my lounge address is different from my newsletter address). I did that so I wouldn't begin getting a 2nd copy of the newsletter. However, that caused a message that said only lounge members could use that Opt In. So, I changed the displayed email address back to my lounge address and tried again and it said I could Opt In only one time, or something like that.

    What can I do to straighten this out?

    Bill Wilson

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    Brian Livingston
    Send your reader number and the e-mail address you use to get the newsletter to Editor (at) WindowsSecrets (dot) com and we'll investigate why the six months was not automatically added to your existing sub. Thanks.

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