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    I'm trying to create a query that would allow user to view records from the prior 6 months based on a date they key. I tried using the DateDiff and Date Part functions to set the criteria but I'm getting invalid data. My current criteria in the query is as follows:

    Between [Enter Ending Date] And (DateDiff("m",-1,[Date Closed]))

    Enter Ending Date = the date the user keys
    Date Closed = The date from the report

    So in conclusion, I'm trying to have the user pull a range of records 6 months prior to the [Enter Ending Date] value.

    Any help is appreciated.Thanks!

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    If I understand your description correctly, the field Date Closed should be within the six months preceding the date entered by the user.
    If so, you should enter the following condition in the Criteria row for the Date Closed column:

    Between DateAdd("m",-6,[Enter Ending Date]) And [Enter Ending Date]

    If not, could you try to explain again what you want?

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