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    I am using Office 2010 Beta in Win 7. If I understand correctly the version of Word in this suite is actually 2007.
    My problem is a vanishing caret when I hold down the spacebar. I can't tell how far the thing has advanced until I release the spacebar.
    I've spent about three or four hours searching for a solution to this but can't find any references to it, so perhaps that means I'm the sole unlucky so and so?

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    Perhaps it's specific to a particular graphics card or display driver?

    Anyway, there must be a better way to address this word processing challenge than holding down the space bar. Whether it is the use of tab stops, indents, hanging indents, or other techniques, you will find it much easier to edit your document in the future if there are not long runs of spaces (or tabs) used in the formatting.

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    On my Word 2007, the insertion bar flashes at odd times to indicate how far it has progressed when I am holding down the space bar. If you don't get an itermittent flash then it may have to do with your video driver or perhaps even your key repeat rate.

    I always show the non-printing items such as tabs, spaces and paragraph marks so this wouldn't normally be a problem for me anyway - I recommend you do the same.

    Another alternative is to not hold down the space bar to indent text. You should be using the paragraph alignment or positioning tabs to get text to appear further across the page. This method is quicker (after setting the tabs), more controllable and reproducable.
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    Brian Livingston
    In my experience, problems with cursors and insertion points in beta software are due to an incompatibility in the pointer set that is selected in the Mouse applet of the Control Panel. Select a different set of mouse pointers, and I believe the problem with the disappearing insertion point will go away.

    I'd also second the other Loungers' comments that you should never use multiple spaces for anything in a word processor. Turn on the horizontal rules in Tools, Options; select a paragraph or paragraphs; click a point on the horizontal ruler to set a tab; and then use tabs to position any text that should not be aligned with the left margin. (Or select the affected grafs and then use Format, Tabs, etc.)

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    Turn on the Hidden characters (The backwards P) and you will see spaces a dots mid line, arrows for the tabs and etc.
    See File, Options, Display
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