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    We use Office xp and use XP SP3 as an operating system. Here is my fact pattern...

    I have an end user that has inherited an Excel sheet with customer contact information [name, address, telephone number, etc.]. The end user has asked me if it is possible to place a "Dial..." icon in EXCEL---the same one that is available in Outlook when accessing a personal address book--to be available for this work sheet. Of course, when the user presses the dial icon, they would like Excel to dial the phone number in the high lighted cell---just like it does when a number is in the dialog box in Outlook.

    I thought about importing the worksheet into Outlook to create a personal address book---but the end user does not want this solution...She would like to "dial" the number in the high lighted cell directly from the EXCEL work sheet. I have no idea whether what I ask is even possible--so your patience is appreciated---but is there a way I can "re-create or copy" the Outlook "Dial...." button to the Excel worksheet for the end user?

    Thank you for your consideration and all suggestions / alternatives are welcome...

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    See Excel Can excel dial phone numbers?

    The code there works by double-clicking a cell, but it can easily be adapted to work with a button on a worksheet.

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