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    This all started in my Suggestion Box thread here: Signature Problems.

    The fact that it was a signature problem belies the fact that it seems that the IPB Rich Text Editor seems to be problematic, as possibly confirmed by one or more Loungers. This involves regular posting as well as signature settings.

    When I finally listened to the excellent counselling from Leif and TURNED OFF the RTE, here is what I ended up with for a signature, involving a link to my web site, an image thereon and a popup to show my name on hovering over the signature:

    This works perfectly as you can see at the end of this post. BUT, if I turn ON the RTE and look back into my signature, here is what I see:

    And then, worse yet for a code novice such as me, if I click the icon to show "raw HTML" code, THIS is what I see in that box:

    As you might see in the aforementioned thread, I struggled with this for a long time and only through Leif's tutoring did I get successfully to the end of the tunnel. I know I'm not saying all of this properly, but if someone has the time, it would be nice to determine IF the rich text editor should be modified, removed or whatever to assist others in the posting of links and images. Thanks for listening!

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    Brian Livingston
    This is definitely something we will report to Invision. I doubt that it is on the company's fix list for patch 3.0.5, which is said to be imminent, because I haven't seen this bug in the rich text editor in the to-do lists. But if the behavior is repeatable, we should surely be able to complain about it loudly enough to get a fix scheduled into a 3.0.6 patch.

    We'd like to investigate how many people actually hyperlink images into their signatures (and turn on RTE), and how many insert title attributes into them (and click Show Raw HTML). If these functions work as expected on each Lounger's profile page, this would be a way to include whatever link people want. However, the RTE should be corrected by Invision in any case, assuming we can make the errant behavior repeatable for them.

    Thanks for reporting this.

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