Thanks, Woody! This new Windows Secrets Lounge idea is just what I've been asking for.

I am so pleased that I just got into the Windows Secrets Upgrade Your Subscription area, and made a $50.00 upgrade contribution, as I promised months ago I would do if this sort of Windows Secrets Reader Forum ever got off the ground. This should be a great way to get even more up-to-the-minute news and tips about Windows, as well as to ask questions and leave comments for the editors and contributors of Windows Secrets Newsletters, as well as our wonderful Moderators amd Members here in The Lounge.

It was a bit difficult getting all the passwords and user name stuff set up, but I am sure the effort will be well worth it. I am looking forward to many happy visits here in the future.

This is an especially good time to get more Lounge users on board, as I am sure the new Windows 7 and Office 2010 versions will offer us all lots to talk about here.

Thanks to everyone for the New Lounge and the upgrades at the Windows Secrets Web Site.

-- Bob Primak --