In Contacts, the app seems to force some phone-number formatting upon me which I do not like...
In the Netherlands (where I live) we use 10-digit phone numbers. The city codes however (all starting with zero -which I normally omit) can have either 3 or two digits. Mobile phone numbers all start with 6 (one digit...)
For example, both the numbers below are all valid (If omitted all leading zero's):

(yz) 1234567
(xyz) 123456
(m) 123456789 (mobile: m=6)

Regretfully, my #'s are formatted like this...

(yx1) 234567
(xyz) 123456
(m12) 3456789

Ergo: between (), I'm forced to always have three digits... Am I missing something? Can I switch this off?

Erik Jan