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    CanGrow Field On Form Won't Grow (Access 2000)

    I am constantly having problems with form fields I mark as Can Grow not vertically growing when there is more data to display than the field width will show. The fields are most often displaying Memo fields supplied to the form via a query. I have checked the form's Detail section's properties, and its Can Grow has correctly been set to Yes. I also have the field's Scrool BArs set to Vertival. Any hints to get these to grow as required?

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    Re: CanGrow Field On Form Won't Grow (Access 2000)

    CanGrow only works in printing. If you were to print your form, you'd see that the control would expand to display everything. However, it won't work that way in form view. What I generally do is use the DblClick event of the control to zoom the control. That will display all, or at least most, of the contents of the control. All you need to do is put this line in the event procedure for the DblClick event.

    RunCommand acCmdZoomBox

    You could put it in the GotFocus event, but I prefer not to impose that on users who may simply be tabbing through controls and who don't want to have to deal with the zoombox along the way. I usually put a label in the footer of the form with instructions to double click the control to zoom it, but you could also put it in the ControlTip Text property.

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