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    A few month ago I used IE7 & lastpass, I received many error messages from McAfee in Buffer Overflow Protection.
    Later I upgrade to latest LastPass but I for the same error messsage from McAfee.

    Last month I ugrade to IE8 and still old lastpass version (i forget which version). For a weeks I rarely received the error message again and I run in Inprivate browsing.
    So I am confident to continue using them. Later I upgrade lastpass to ver 1.60 and the error message become very often pop up, around 50% probability when I click for a new tab. Also I have to end the process IE8 from Task Manager.

    I like IE8, Lastpass and McAfee. I wonder which one I have to drop from my PC.
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    I don't know the details about the Buffer Overflow Protection feature of McAfee, so this is perhaps not a useful suggestion. Is there any way you can make an "exception" for LastPass so that McAfee doesn't think it's a malware infection in IE?

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