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    The "smallest" size in MSIE requires magnfying glass. Next size up is still too small to read without glasses. Medium is a very large step up. Too big a jump. Can you fix?

    Also, seeing lines of type on top of each other no matter what font size.

    Also, some post subject lins blank at the bottom of first page of suggestion forum. Can tell what they are about by hovering over little icon on left and then can read URL at bottom of MSIE.

    Sure wish could fix these things because it makes it a struggle for me to use the forums.

    I am adding this to my post. I have switched to Chrome to see how the forums look. The type size appears much better (good thing because I don't even know if you can change type sizes in Chrome - I never tried). So far I am not seeing lines of type over top of each other either. Haven't tried it with Firefox yet. But I still wish it wasn't so hard to read with IE.

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    HI Kelliann, welcome to the Lounge.

    Which version of IE are you using?

    The developers here have been adding and modifying a lot of features, so different "skins" (style sheets) have been on the back burner. In the old days, the Lounge had a skin with large type, but we thought that the new zoom feature in modern browsers had made that option obsolete. Maybe not? In any case, you should not see overlapping text.

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