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    A suggestions box with threads that date back to the year 2000? How many of these are still relevant? There are so many pages of threads that it's impossible to scan through all of them to see if the suggestion you are about to make has been addressed before. This can only result in additional work and redundant suggestions to the moderators that keeps them from actually paying adequate attention to actual issues, a handicap to the reliability of the whole system. I would have thought that a set of subforums within the suggestions box relating to particular parts of the site or processes undertaken by members (eg signup, signin, search, thread display, etc etc) would help organise the whole system and sort the wheat from the chaff, making the job of being a moderator far less onerous, and making everyone's life easier.

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    Usually there are not that many questions made (or suggestions) in the Suggestion Box forum; but we have recently changed software and done other changes as well; thus the quite large number of recent threads.

    It's very easy to do a simple search in one forum only, using the search box at the end of a forum page. One can also use the Advanced search (top right corner) and select the appropriate forum.

    Apart from searching the Suggestion Box forum (for anything related to the Lounge itself) one can also read the announcements, FAQs etc. in the “Announcements forum”: Read This First.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Bourke View Post
    A suggestions box with threads that date back to the year 2000? How many of these are still relevant?
    The name Suggestion Box suggests this forum's new emphasis, but in earlier days, this forum was named "Lounge Matters" and covered everything from server problems to lists of smilies. While older threads are pretty unlikely to be relevant to the current beta release, you might find some gems here and there. And social anthropologists can study the evolving nature of forum inhabitants over time.

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