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    I am a very new poster and a Windows Secrets subscriber. Registering, logging in, and browsing I find a problem that a number of discussion boards have... the link colors don't change when you read a message. Browsing the boards for similar issues I found notes stating

    1) using the discussion board navigation rather than browser 'back' button gives better results on this (don't see this as an option)
    2) there are 'new message' icons next to the messages in an index (didn't see this, but the forum is now using new software)

    I'm expecting something like Jakob Nielsen's observation that folks expect blue links to turn purple after a visit to that link.

    Take care. Looking forward to visiting.


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    Hi Paul, depending on your browser, you may be able to override the link colors in the Lounge style sheet to the default blue/purple scheme. Of course, this is a global setting that will affect other sites, so not the most attractive solution. If you use Firefox and the Stylish extension, you can do some really customized stuff.

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