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    If you've ever wanted to access a remote machine from home--or vice-versa--but been defeated because of firewalls and router configurations, Teamviewer will probably work for you. And for non-commercial use it's free!

    I've tried Remote Desktop Program, VNC variants, reverse SSH, and now Teamviewer. RDP is good quality but won't go into firewalled routers. VNC can go through firewalled routers with some tricks, but the quality isn't great and it can be tricky to setup. Reverse SSH bypasses firewalls but is even more difficult to configure. Teamviewer is very easy to install and by using their server gets around firewalls easily.

    My only gripe with it so far is it doesn't seem to support the Windows Clipboard so you can't copy/paste across machines. And there's no support forum...wish one could start here.

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    I've successfully used TeamViewer with business partners in China but AVG reported at least one version of it as a Trojan. This was disconcerting even though it was probably not true.

    I mostly use VNC (on Windows RealVNC Personal with encryption, file transfer, and remote printing - on Linux whatever is there).

    Next is Remote Desktop - mostly use in LAN where remote sound is useful. But the server end is not supported on XP, Vista, or Win7 Home versions - limiting it mostly to use on my XP Pro systems.

    Still using pcAnywhere 10.5 for some clients. Oh my.

    I've had extremely good luck with Fog Creek Copilot - which can be used for free on weekends - to get into a system and install something else to use instead - typically VNC. I've made some clients pay for a $5 day pass when not on a weekend in order to get in and help them. The performance is quite poor but the 100% success in connecting makes it a good bootstrap mechanism. [They use back-to-back VNC rendezvoused (is that a word?) at their server with all traffic over port 80 http to bypass firewall and router issues.]

    About 20% of Request Remote Assistance attempts actually work but it has gotten me in on occasion - again to setup something else instead.

    Citrix GoToMyPC, Webex, and LogMeIn all work but have subscription models that are not justified for most of my work.

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    Since Netopia's Timbuktu bit the dust I have been using team viewer with great success. It has saved me many trips in the liddle of the night to the data center, is easy to use and the home version is free. Whats not to like

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