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    Hi gang,
    I want to put conditional formatting (shading) so that the first Monday of the month looks different.
    Looking at past threads I have figured out how to calculate the first Monday of the month.
    D5 = Nov. 30, 2009 (in date format)
    the formula is
    the result is Nov. 2, 2009 which is the first Monday of the month
    When I put this formula in my conditional formatting for cell D5 it gets shaded and all the other cells where I copied the conditional formatting get shaded as well.
    What am I missing?
    Johanne Champagne
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    I'd try a formula like =AND(DAY(C1)<8,WEEKDAY(C1,2)=1)
    Where C1 is the cell containing the date you want examined.
    I'm attaching a sample sheet[attachment=86880:Formatting the first monday in the month.xlsx]

    From your example, I'd say that the test you are performing =D5-DAY(D5)+1+MOD(2-WEEKDAY(D5-DAY(D5)+1);7) is not a true/false test
    (it is returning a date). So it is true throughout the spreadsheet for every cell, hence every cell changes colour.

    For conditional formatting [s]with a date to work [/s]- the formula has to evaluate to a True/False result.
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