Running IIS 6.0 on 2003 Enterprise server (1 G Ram) - use ASP.NET on intranet - not much traffic but a fair amount of data is being served (SQL2000). W3WP stops functioning after about 24 hrs of running (all other functions seem to be unaffected).
I set my site to run on its own application pool - set up to recycle more frequently - disabled the Rapid-Fail-Protection. Getting same result. There hasn't been any memory errors or any errors in Events when this happens. The only area I find errors are in the log file HTTPERR - where I get "connections-refused" when problem starts and this will continue until the server is restarted. I have traced the CLR memory on garbage collection - I have not seen anything that appears out of line - I've gone through code extensively to verify that I"m closing/disposing objects -
One more item: When w3wp stops - not only my new app pool is stopped - all app pools are stopped
Would be grateful if someone had suggestions
(PS - Recyling - restarting IIS will not bring back web pages).