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    Win XP [all updates], Office 7 [all updates]. Using MS Oulook Personell Folders Backup Tool on about 36 desktops. You click "Save Backup" and it's supposed to backup when you exit Outlook. It creates a "Outlook Backup.pst" file where ever you have told it to.

    Some desktops work ok sometimes.

    Others get "Cannot copy outlook: The process cannot access the file because another process has locked a portion of the file."

    I've closed McAfee, deleted Palm sync, etc. Booted and tried in Safe Mode.

    Sometimes it works on the 1st try, other times after several restarts of Outlook, Save Backup and close, it will work.

    My feeling is that Outlook.exe is not closing.

    Just discovered that when you get the "Cannot copy...." error message, that it has already deleted your previous "Outlook Backup.pst" file so you have nothing.

    Sometimes it will work right away after a reboot, but not always.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Terry Dobbins View Post
    Win XP [all updates], Office 7 [all updates].
    Outlook 2007? Usually Outlook can close itself and its data files successfully if all other programs are closed first, including, for example, Word and your web browsers. These extra steps sometimes are necessary when other applications have used the MAPI interface (e.g., send page, send document). I haven't tried to debug those issues for quite a long time, but for pre-2007 versions of Outlook, there were many threads on these problems.

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