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    One of the great things about the old lounge was the moderators enforced Rule 18 with Gusto. (For anyone new you can see all the rules by clicking "Rules) in the second line from the top.

    The new lounge seems to be a little more free wheeling and I'm surprised to see posts, and signatures that are contrary to the letter and the intent of rule 18. For those who may not be familiar with it, it says:

    "18. Topics specifically prohibited

    We do not allow posts, usernames or attachments that are, or appear to be to others, obscene, vulgar, sexually-orientated, hateful or threatening, of a political, religious or racial nature or in violation of the law. Avoid outraged commentaries on sensational topics. Nor do we allow classified ads of any sort. This is an information exchange forum, not a product exchange. If you want to purchase or sell something, you should visit sites which are specifically setup for those transactions. The Lounge is meant to be a place for friendly conversation. In order to keep it that way, such messages will be deleted, as will any that contain links to such material, at the discretion of the moderators."

    Enforcement of rule 18 was key to making the lounge a good place to share information about our main passion - computing and an occasional joke or quiz in scuttlebutt. I'd hate to see the lounge become just another forum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bowlie View Post
    ...One of the great things about the old lounge was the moderators enforced Rule 18 with Gusto...
    We took great pride in the speed with which even slightly inappropriate posts were removed from sight, but I guess this may become more difficult as the lounge grows.

    Ordinary loungers can "report" any post by clicking the report button, but there is no similar functionality for reporting a user profile. After you report a post then any logged in moderator or Admin can hide the post, while they decide how to deal with it.

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    I agree, Stuart!

    There is a report button in the profiles (top right) as well.
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