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    shortcut keys

    The recent woodys office watch lists shortcut keys. However one widely touted developer tool, Visual FoxPro really screws up shortcut keys. For example, ctrl+pgup / pgdn do nothing (sigh) and ctrl+s will save if the file has been changed, but write the control character into the file if the file has no changes. I have heard about MS's usability labs; it is evident that they do not have one for developer tools.

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    Re: shortcut keys

    Programs can override Windows shortcut keys, and it sounds like VFP does that with a vengeance. You have to take into consideration that Microsoft bought FoxPro years ago and has tried to provide an easy path for developers who were migrating from DOS-based FoxPro to the progressive versions of VFP. Since FoxPro was originally a dBase clone, there is probably a lot of archaic stuff in there from back in the days when every program wrote its own rules.

    I was a dBase programmer but never worked with FoxPro and developed an intense dislike for the first version of VFP, which led to my avoiding it in any further versions, so I can't offer any suggestions except to browse through the MS knowledgebase for articles on shortcut keys in VFP.

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    Re: shortcut keys

    Charlotte hit the nail on the head about VFP.

    I have used FoxBase, FoxPro, and VFP for many years. The symptoms you are talking about are usually caused by two things:

    1)"ON KEY" statements in legacy applications
    2)Default HotKey and editing keys in standard menus

    The Ctrl-S symptom for example is caused by using a VFP application to toggle ON the Ctrl-S key when the file is dirty and toggle it OFF when the file is opened. It should be ON all the time and it's save function disabled or warned when the file is unchanged. IE, sloppy standard code.

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    Re: shortcut keys

    Unfortunately I'm referring to the VFP built-in "editor". When the file is dirty, File->Save is enabled; when the file is clean, File->Save is disabled.

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    Re: shortcut keys

    Just tested Ctrl-S with VFP6.

    The problem with binary Ctrl-S being added to the file does not occur. One way you can quickly see this is that the File|Save option is still greyed out in the menu.

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